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Earth Astrology ORACLE Event Replay

Overview of Astro Year Aries '23-Pisces '24

Overview of Astro Year Aries '23-Pisces '24

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Time Stamps

00.00-7.00 Welcome & Introduction
7.00-8.15 Centering Meditation
8.30-25.00 Big Picture Context for this Astrological Year
  • Shift from Age of Pisces to Age of Aquarius
  • Pluto in Capricorn to Pluto in Aquarius
  • Uranus square Pluto to Uranus trine Pluto
25.00-31.00 Core Themes & Energetic Signature of the Astrological Year
  • Preview & Postmortem
  • "The Straddle"
31.00-1.07 Top 5 Astro Events
  • 31.14-50.00-Pluto in Aquarius
  • 50.00-55.30-Saturn in Pisces
  • 55.30-1.07
    -Uranus trine Pluto

    -Jupiter conjunct Uranus
    -South Node in Libra; North Node in Aries
1.07-1.19 Q&A
1.19-1.22 Poetic Interlude-Gary Gottselig reading "Fluent in Starlight"
1.22-1.41 Sun in Aries Transmission with Jami Deva and David Nicol
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