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Back to the Future

Astro Notes for New Moon in Capricorn cycle (Jan 11-Feb 10 2024)

The What of it All

After many months of relentless pressure on the old, outdated structures of the past — in both ourselves and society — this new moon in Capricorn monthly cycle opens a gate for a quantum leap forward. We are entering the rapids of change, massively accelerating toward the new era dawning on Earth. This month’s cycle brings huge opportunities for creative breakthroughs and forward momentum on every front.

At the same time, the power of the new energies arriving is bound to create waves. We can expect high drama, deep disruption of business as usual, and even a major new crisis. Alongside a powerful activation for those carrying codes for the new planetary operating system emerging on Earth, this new moon cycle will flush to the surface the core wounds that are holding us back from delivering on our purpose. This time, though, our healing process will occur in the context of unstoppable forward momentum. We can see the light at the end of a long, long tunnel now — if we keep our focus there, the energies of the future will carry us through.

The Why

The breakthrough energies are linked to the preponderance of transits featuring Uranus, the planet of creativity, surprise, and freedom, and the future-oriented sign of Aquarius (whose modern ruler is Uranus). The big one is the ingress of Pluto into Aquarius on January 20, occurring on the same day the Sun enters Aquarius, giving us a massive infusion of Aquarian energy. The action begins earlier though with the new moon on January 11, which is in a harmonious trine to Uranus. On January 27, Uranus turns direct, bringing even more focus on Uranian themes. With Uranus moving forward after January 27, it forms an applying conjunction with Jupiter, further amplifying the Uranian breakthrough energies. When Uranus turns direct on January 27, all planets will then be moving forward, creating enormous positive momentum toward our goals. Finally, Mercury enters Aquarius on February 5, bringing our mental body — our thoughts, beliefs, concepts — into synch with the visionary outlook of Aquarius.

The potential for drama and crisis is also indicated by Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius. Pluto is the principle of power and total transformation; wherever he goes he forces a confrontation with the shadow. Before entering Aquarius on January 20, Pluto meets the Sun in a conjunction at exactly 29, 59’ Capricorn — the final degree and minute of the sign — suggesting that Pluto might well announce his entrance into Aquarius with considerable dramatic flair. On January 25, the Full Moon in Leo is opposite Pluto and square to Jupiter (i.e., a t-square with Jupiter in Taurus at the apex), a tense configuration with very big energies that could be challenging to contain.

Throughout this new moon cycle (Jan 11-Feb 10), Chiron, the archetype of the wounded healer, moves closer and closer to a conjunction with the North Node, the archetype of evolutionary purpose. This transit will surface our core wounds to consciousness so that we can heal whatever is in the way of fulfilling our destiny.

Momentum Barometer: High!

All planets except Uranus are moving forward at the start of this new moon cycle, indicating a period of tremendous positive momentum. On January 27, Uranus joins the party, and from then until Mercury next moves retrograde on April 1, all planets will be in direct motion. Thus, the first three months of 2024 offer powerful support for forward movement in our creative projects and life goals. Hopefully you will have replenished your energy levels over the holiday period; it’s time now to resurface and put your foot on the gas.


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