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Transcending The Mother Wound

An Experiential Astrology and Channeled Healing Workshop


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The wound of the Mother is the Mother of all wounds.

Like mother’s love it is the wound that keeps on giving. It is the primal wound, the deepest distortion of our consciousness, and the greatest block to our ability to receive love, abundance, and nourishment. This workshop looks at this wound from a higher perspective so that it can be used to bring more Earth Power into your life. 

Western psychology has recognized the central influence of the mother in the psyche. But we need a larger framework than psychology to discover the hidden gifts that the Mother Wound holds. When we understand our Mother Wound in the context of our relationship to the Great Mother — Mother Earth — we are able to create profound change in our manifest realities.


In this Experiential Workshop:

In this workshop, we will transform that part of our Mother Wound story that is blocking our connection to the love, abundance, and support of Mother Earth. We will go on a deeply intimate and personal journey to alchemically process the pain structures of our Mother Wound, opening a new pathway for the flow of love that the Earth has for each of us. 

This workshop offers an entirely new framework for understanding our relationship with our mothers so that we can emerge out of the distortions and stories within our consciousness and into deeper connection with the Great Mother. This framework incorporates the lens of astrology to understand the precise nature of our Mother Wound and to discover how this wound can be transformed into a tool for deeper connection to the Great Mother. 

Specifically, we will meet the mother wound through the placement in our mother’s natal chart of Chiron, the archetype of the wounded healer. Chiron’s position in our mother’s chart serves as a symbol of our mother’s core wound and is a guide to the unique medicine and healing gifts we receive from our mothers when the wound is transformed. 

We then look to the placement of the Sun in our mother’s chart as a symbol of her core power, one that reveals our unique pathway of connection to the Great Mother. 

We will come to realize that, beyond all stories and distortions, our mother’s love in its essence is the portal that brings us into contact with Mother Earth. This workshop is about opening that portal so that the love and magic of Gaia can flow through us — fully and unlimitedly. When this portal is open, we are able to receive and overflow with Gaia’s creational love, making our path of manifestation more creative and beautiful.


Love is power.

We will use channeled processes and energy technologies to journey into the depths and layers of the story patterns, revealing, releasing and re-coding the layers that we are carrying and operating from. We will journey into the Shadows of Self, the Heart of the Earth, and the Origin of Star Love to find the answers that bring peace and fresh perspective. We will integrate as we go, using journaling, sharing, labyrinth ceremony, and Yin Yoga so that these insights become embodied and living change within us. 


This is a liberation of our own love, leaving the pain body so that we can open up to the flow of creational love that is our birth right.

The process involves a repair of the emotional scar tissue in the records of the body, transforming it back to its original state so we can receive and start to embody LOVE IS POWER — rather than love is pain — within our thoughts, words and actions.


Who is this workshop for?


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Meet Your hosts & guides

David Nicol, PhD

David brings a unique approach to astrology that goes beyond merely mental information to direct, embodied experience. He studied astrology with the renowned Richard Tarnas at California Institute of Integral Studies in the early 2000s, and is also an IFS-informed practitioner.


David is the author of Subtle Activism: The Inner Dimension of Social and Planetary Transformation (SUNY Press) and currently writes an astrologically-informed column on Substack called Geistic Musings. David is the co-founder of the Gaiafield Project and BeThePeace, two initiatives that have united tens of thousands of people worldwide for large-scale, synchronized meditation events. With his wife Kate Naga, he is the co-founder of EarthRising, a global platform dedicated to seeding the energetic infrastructure of the emerging era on Earth through ‘symphonic’ group consciousness.


David is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle, a community of thought leaders including Deepak Chopra, Michael Beckwith, Jean Houston and others. A former environmental lawyer from Brisbane, Australia, David now lives in North California with his wife Kate and dogs Peaches and Bluey.

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Starry Sky

Kahreela An-Ra

Kahreela An-Ra is an internationally recognized channel alchemist healer and land worker.
She is known for her profound ability to inspire individuals to live in greater connection with themselves, the earth, each other, and the cosmos.   Her path is dedicated to helping people awaken the Divine Conversation of their own lives so that they can live more magically, more ceremonially, and more soul-fully. She has taught 1000s of people all over the world to channel, through her annual and greatly celebrated course in Channeling and Connection.
Kareena herself is a Channel for many amazing guides including the  Star Mothers and the Rainbow Grandmothers, who work through her, to create journeys that combine ancient wisdom and multi-dimensional healing technologies and encoded energy fields that are deeply personal and powerfully responsive to the people that she is holding space for.
She has dedicated her life to facilitating these personal and collective transformation processes. Over the years, Kahreela has emerged as a leading voice in the field of transformational Shadow healing. She has facilitated countless Alchemy workshops, retreats, and one-on-one sessions, helping individuals release limiting beliefs, heal past traumas, and liberate into more of their true potential. Her compassionate and intuitive approach has earned her a global following, with clients praising her ability to catalyze profound shifts in their lives.

After Channeling a Course on shadow patterns that Cause Tiredness, Kahreela realised that our most important resource is life-force energy and a new branch of her path was sprouted. She is now the   Co-presenter of May the Life-force Be with You, a podcast conversation that asks what is Life-force energy. how we can take better care of our life-force energy?  and how can we become more life-force intelligent?

On the Podcast Kahreela regularly shares about her adventures as a Landworker. Having held ceremonial journeys in many of the most powerful and beautiful places on Earth - from Sacred   Mountains to  Ancient Stone Circles -  Kahreela has witnessed firsthand the medicine and magic that happens when we hold ceremonies in service and symbiosis with the land.  She is a passionate spokesperson for the importance of landwork at this time of co-creating a  New Earth.

Through her company ( which started in 2012)  Kahrrela runs regular courses, ceremonies, and Sacred  Land Work adventures that are dedicated to helping people and our Great Mother Planet during these times of extraordinary change.
May we love, land, and life force our way to a better future.

Mary Schnorrenberg

Born in Australia to an Egyptian mother and German father, Mary exists in liminal space as a global citizen. Her passion for truth and connection took her seeking outside - across the world to find what's always been present inside. She first found yoga through her gym when her favourite Body Pump class was cancelled, and replaced with yoga. Having kept it in her peripherals for a long time, she left class immediately 'affected'.

In 2011 she stepped away from the corporate world to train as a yoga teacher in Dahab, Egypt; her mother's homeland. She relocated there shortly after, teaching her unique style of Yoga classes to ex-pats, travelers, Egyptian and Bedouin women, which she describes as an enlightening experience.


Living between London and Egypt and teaching in both places she is dedicated to holding inclusive classes and safe spaces that allow people to reconnect with their body, mind and breath to find their inner balance. Her classes help people to  drop into deeper states of listening  and  reconnect the feminine principles of slow, soft and still for navigating  life's twists and turns , on and off the mat.

In recent years her personal healing journey has brought her attention to the power of the unconscious mind as a place where all the answers lie. After training in Lucid dreaming and Yoga Nidra her she now helps people to journey through  their bodies  as a portal to Unconscious mind.

As well as classes and one to one Bodywork  she runs Rest Remember  and Rewild retreats in Egypt and  has many community care  projects that are inspired by her mentor Leila Sadeghee who started the much needed Yogis Of Colour group.

This year she completed a  training of Tarot and Egyptian folklore, which has given her a deeper understanding of the Archetypes, Intuition and Divination, which is now weaving into her offerings.


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Hosted at Rainbows Reach Retreat Center, AUS

Rainbows Reach is a beautiful private event space set in the natural surrounds of the NSW Olney State Forest, 100km or 1.5 hours north of Sydney. It’s the perfect place to host our work with the Mother Wound as we’ll have the support of nature all around.  The grounds feature a large barn style function space, self contained guest lodge, a mineral water pool, and our own private island.

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  • The Mother Wound Workshop Journey

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  • Delicious Vegetarian Meals

  • Accommodation in a Fully Self-Contained 10 Bedroom Lodge

  • The Privacy, Peace, and Quiet of Being Surrounded by 77 Acres of Native Bush Land

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